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The first ELMS win for the DUQUEINE D08 with DKR Engineering

DKR Engineering with a DUQUEINE D08 won for the first time the 4h of Le Castellet in LMP3

During the last winter, DKR Engineering jumped for the first time in the Asian LMS. They were close to achieve 2 podiums, 1 pole position and 1 victory on racing events. Since the start of the ELMS Season, they shown. In Barcelona, they made the second best lap of the qualifying and during the race, they led up to 11 laps from the end. At the Reb Bull Ring, Laurents Hoerr mastered the qualifying session by relying on slicks tires on a wet track and was able to put the DUQUEINE D08 Number 4 on pole position. Unfortunately on the first lap of the race a contact caused them to lose places and a lap on the LMP3 leader but they were able to keep a great pace in the race. For them the Castellet sounds like a consecration, realizing the HAT TRICK ( Pole, Victory and Fastest Lap). This Tuesday we had the opportunity to interview one of the actors of this step up.

First of all, 2 days after the first ELMS win, How do you feel ? L.H. : Really, really good. Obviously, we have been working so much since the beginning of the season. So really happy that we did it.

It's a very strong start. What is the main change you've done to achieve that ? L.H. : Since a long time, I have a mental trainer and years after years I know about myself that I can make me another step. So for sure, it give me a better level. Also, during last winter, I had a lot of track time wich help me to go on the limits of the car with much more confidence.

How do you describe the relationship you have with DKR Engineering? L.H. : I'm now in my third year with DKR and for me DKR feels like a family. We're friends today and it's really enjoyable to work with this team. We know each other perfectly. So this is why I have so much confidence in the car because I know their process and what they do on the car.

What is the main different you feel in the car compare last season ? L.H. : This year the car gives a lot more confidences during the race than 2020 because of a small update DKR has made during the winter brake. It is really stable,well balanced and remains the same car through the entire stint, for example, I put my quickest lap during the Lap 39. This was not the case last year. So it really boosted the performance of the car. The race pace is strong for Silvers but even more for the Bronze drivers. The car isn't the same. It's another world !

What is the general weekend process from your arrival on the track to the podium Sunday ? L.H. : For me every free practice sessions are important so you need to be 100% already on the Thursday. A huge confidence in the car and also a really good qualify pace are important, not necessarily for the result but for the motivation. Start from Pole position or top 3 it's another world than start from P15 because you just going to race with a different mind. How do you approach an ELMS weekend ? L.H. :Also, I approach my weekend a little bit differently than other drivers. I try to be super relaxed before jumping in the car and I an focusing on the job we have to do.

We are on the middle of the ELMS season. Currently you are P2 in the LMP3 Championship. What is your targets for the end of the season ? L.H. : For us the target is always the same : win ELMS. It looked a bit difficult after Red Bull Ring but as we are standing second we remain extremely confident. We simply want to be the winners !


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