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Road To Le Mans

Like every year, before the famous 24H race of Le Mans, the 3rd round of Le Mans Cup takes place. Road To Le Mans is THE event not to be missed for the LMP3 teams.

This race, with its particular format (2 races of 55min instead of one), kept all its promises and has nothing to pale in comparison to the 24H.

1️⃣ An eventful first race.

With many race incidents and traps, our DUQUEINE D08s were able to show their potential.

We will remember that on Thursday, June 9, the D08 achieved the fastest laps during qualifying and the race. Many positive points to remember.

2️⃣ Once again, Le Mans was not an easy race.

With numerous collisions and a majority of the race spent under yellow flag, our D08s showed that they were indeed the fastest cars in the race.

Unfortunately the DUQUEINE D08 owner teams were not rewarded this week, but that's just a temporary setback.


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