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PRIMA Esport/DUQUEINE Team partnership on the top step of the podium at the GT World Series

It was during the last weekend of July that the finals of the GT World Series Showdown 2022 were held.

Saturday July 30: Manufacturers Cup

The Subaru team, initially composed of Daniel Solis, Kylian Drumont and Takuma Miyazono overcame the absence of the Japanese driver to win the Gran Turismo World Series Showdown.

Kylian Drumont (French) and Daniel Solis drove a measured and tactical race to win by nearly four seconds over Mercedes-AMG.

Kylian, from the French team PRiMA Esports, showed the full extent of his talent, managing his stints, tire wear and traffic to perfection. With his teammate, the American Daniel Solis, the Subaru team wins.

With this result, Subaru remains unbeaten this season and now has nine points. They are guaranteed to stay in the lead until at least the third round.

Sunday 31 July: Nations Cup

The second grand final was launched with an unfavorable starting grid for Kylian. I started in 7th position with the Redbull x2019 Competition, an extremely fast car that requires a better control of his reflexes. During this second final, Kylian showed that his pace was excellent. During the first stint, he was as fast on hard tires as the drivers on medium tires.

Lap after lap, refueling after refueling, the PRIMA Esport driver got closer to the race leader to finish P1 on lap 19 and did not let go until the end of the race. Throughout the final laps, Kylian battled with the best to finally win this GT World Series Nations Cup final with style and control! The World Finals which will take place in Monaco are now in his hands.


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