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Pole Position, win and "Petit Le Mans"

This weekend took place the last race of the IMSA Prototype Challenge and WeatherTech in Road Atlanta. 9 D08 raced in IMSA Prototype Challenge and 3, in WeatherTech.

It was a good weekend for them. Mühlner Motorsport did their 6th pole position in a row and won again.

In WeatherTech, the race is nicknamed "Petit Le Mans". It was the first for FastMD Racing with their new D08 and for a first time in LMP3 class, they did a very good race.

For their second race, Win Autosport was unlucky and and were forced to give up. While, FortySeven crossed the line just few seconds after FastMD.

6/6 in quaifying and
3 win for Mühlner Motorsport


6/6 in qualifying. What a results for them. Once again, Mülhner, M.Krantz and U. De Wild shone on the American soil. They achieved yet another Pole Position, the 6th in a row. During the race, they managed to keep the lead. They have once again been able to demonstrate their work force by winning.

Until the last lap, Mühlner and its two drivers were IMSA Protype Challenge champions but sometimes motorsport is difficult. They lost the title in last lap. However with this Third victory, they are 2nd in LMP3-1 class at only 10 points of the winner. They realized a very beautiful and awesome season.

For this race, Mühlner engaged another LMP3 wich wore the number 22. This D08 qualified P5 on Thursday and took the chequered flag in 13th position.


A constant crew throughout the season.

The car #47 qualified P10 and the #74 was just behind.

After a good start, the #47 gained somes positions and crossed the line P7. While the #74 managed to keep it position throughout the race to finish 11th.


Another strong qualifying for Conquest Racing.

In LMP3-1, Conquest and the #34 strated the race on the second row. They did their best quali since the start of the season. Unluckily some racing events caused them to lose positions and crossed the line in 14th position.

In LMP3-2, Conquest had a very good race getting on the podium again.

This new podium allows them to win the IMSA Prototype Challenge championship in LMP3-2 class.


Once again,JDC was at the front of the race. Qualified P4, K.Grant and D.Grant did a very good qualifying and race. They took the chequered flag in 10th position at the general but they were first in Bronze class.

This place allows them to win the IMSA Prototype Challenge championship in LMP3-1 Bronze class.


Another good race weekend for Robillard Racing. After two free pratices sessions, they qualified P12.

A very good strat and a strategy in line with their ambitions, Robillard Racing finished the last race just outside of the podium.


After a good Free practice 2, CT Motorsports ualified theur D08 in 13th position.

Despite the difficulties, CT never gave up and fought all the way to the checkered flag to finish 15th.

Première course pour FastMD Racing
et 2 D08 dans le Top 5


It was the first race for FastMD Racing with their new D08.

They had a good race pace throughout the weekend. For their first qualifying, they ended P7 in LMP3 class.

During the race, they had some difficulties but if they did not give up and fought to finish 4th, the first D08.


A three good Free Practices, Win Autosport qualified their D08 #83 in 10th position.

They took a very good strat wich allowed them to be P6 at the halfway of Petit Le Mans. But a race incident forced them to DNF.


After a good weekend in Daytona in January, FortySeven renewed his performance in Atlanta.

They qualified their D08 number 7 P6.

At the start of the race, they knowed some difficulties. They were P10 at the halway of Petit Le Mans. But they never gave up and finished the race in 5th position.


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