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ELMS Title in LMP3, P3 in the Michelin Le Mans Cup Championship and a podium.

This weekend took place the last ELMS and Michelin Le Mans Cup race in Portimao.

In this last round, our D08 with DKR Engineering won the championship in LMP3 class. At the same time, Rinaldi finished 3rd in the general classification in LMP3 in the Michelin Le Mans Cup.

Bravo to all for these beautiful seasons.

The LMP3 title for DKR Engineering


Perfect end of season for DKR Engineering, Mathieu De Barbuat and Laurents Horr. The weekend well very good for them. They started the race P3 but after few laps they were P1. Moreover M. De Barbuat set the fastest lap of the race. They crossed the line in first position, but a penalty demoted them P4. With this place the Luxembourgish team had enough points to win the LMP3 Championship.


For this race, Guilherme De Oliveira joined the Luxembourgish team. It was his debut in LMP3.

On Saturday, they qualified P14. During the race they fought and never give up. They pass the checkered flag in 14th position.

Podium in the race and podium in the LMP3 championship


Once again, the Rinaldi #66 is at the front of the race. Qualified P5, N.Varronne and A.Mattschull finished 8th.

With this place they finished on the podium of the Michelin Le Mans Cup's Championship.

The Rinaldi #55 fought all the weekend and never give up. Qualified P20, they fought very hard during the race and crossed the line P14. The work paid off.


A constant crew throughout the season.

They qualified another time P10. The race went well until some race incidents which forced them to lose some places. They take the chequered flag in 18th position.


Another good race weekend for WTM, Trosten Kratz and Leo Weiss.

After Spa and their P3, WTM relapsed in Portimao. Qualified P2, the crew push hard to do another podium. And they did it. They finished 3rd. A very good performance for them.


A very good weekend for Mühlner. The 2 cars have a very race pace during all the weekend.

During the collective test, Ugo De Wilde and the number 21 did the fastest lap of the session and it was not an exception for them. On Friday they were the fastest D08 on track.

Sunday, qualifying went well for them. The car #21 finished P3 and the #18 qualified P6. During the race some incidents did them to lose some places. The #21 crossed the line P9 and the #18 finished P23.


They were very unlucky. They qualified P20. During the race they fought with a lot of teams but during the race, GrainMarket was touched by another LMP3 and ended in the gravel. They forced to DNF.


The DKR crew had progressed a lot throughout the season. In Portimao, they work a lot during the Free practices to do their best in qualifying. They were around the 23rd position during the FP but they qualified P15. During the race, they fought hard to keep this place and they did it because they finished P16.


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