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D08 continues to shine in Watkins and Zandvoort

The DUQUEINE D08 showcased its podium consistency in both IMSA WeatherTech and Prototype German Cup series this weekend.

The weekend held the highly anticipated third race of both Prototype German Cup and IMSA WeatherTech series. The DUQUEINE D08 made an impressive presence with eight cars engaged on the German grid, while also entering three LMP3 on the American grid.

Prototype German Cup

In a thrilling qualifying session, the JVO #6 showcased its dominance by securing the pole position, closely trailed by the Racing Experience #15 and BWT Mücke #8. The qualifying lived up to expectations, as both BWT and JVO demonstrated their power and claimed podium finishes. The second day was another triumph for the D08s as 3 of them led the grid. After an intense battle on the track the JVO n°5 emerged victorious. Not far behind, the DKR #77 showed an impressive performance, securing a well-deserved second-place finish.

Thanks to this remarkable week-end, the DUQUEINE D08's monopolize the Top 4 of the competition's current standing.

Race 1:

#8, BWT Mücke Motorsport, P2

#5 JVO By Downforce Motorsport, P3

#72, Koiranen Kemppi Motorsport, P4

#15 Racing Experience, P5

#77, DKR Engineering, P6

#78, DKR Engineering, P11

#12, Racing Experience, P12

Race 2:

#5 JVO By Downforce Motorsport, P1

#77, DKR Engineering, P2

#15 Racing Experience, P4

#72, Koiranen Kemppi Motorsport, P6

#78, DKR Engineering, P7

#8, BWT Mücke Motorsport, P11

#12, Racing Experience, P15

IMSA WeatherTech

IMSA WeatherTech returned to action after a two-month break for the 6 hours of Glenn at Watkins. It held challenging weather conditions, including heavy rain during qualifying, which led to a red flag and a premature end of the session. On the following day, the trio of D08 cars demonstrated remarkable speed and performance throughout the 6-hour race, as the #13 and #17 cars fiercely battled for the top positions. Continuing their impressive streak, AWA Racing secured yet another podium finish, with the #17 D08 claiming third place, marking the team's third podium out of three races. This results allows the team to secure second and third places in the current championship standings.

6 hours of Glenn:

#17, AWA racing, P3

#13, AWA racing, P5

#85, JDC Miller MotorSports, P9

Overall, it was yet another successful week-end for the D08, demonstrating their triumph on a global scale. The DUQUEINE kept their streak of podium finishes across both competitions. Eyes are now on the upcoming VP Fuel Challenge and Prototype German Cup races, on July 8th & 9th.


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