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2 races, 2 pole position, 2 fastest lap and a WIN

Le Mans was successful for the DUQUEINE D08. During the qualifying sessions of the 2 races, the D08 were systematically on the first row. But they are not only the fastest on a lap, they are also the fastest on a race, as shown by the two fastest laps in a race realised by a D08.


For the first race, Rinaldi n°66 started P3. After a large part of the race under safety car, Rinaldi has perfectly mastered his strategy, which allowed N.Varrone and A.Mattschull to finish 2nd. The second race was already good for them. They started P6 and crossed the line P4. Moreover, N.Varrone did the fastest Lap of this race.

Despite complicated qualifications, the crew of Rinaldi n°66 were able to count on a good race pace that allowed them to progress and finish, in each race, in front of their starting place.


Mülhner Motorsport n°21 knew 2 races completely different. For the first race, they started P2 but they were unlucky with the pit open. Unfortunately, they finished P21. Started in pole position for the second race, kept throughout the race the head. U.De Wild and M.Krantz climbed on the highest step of the podium.

Unlike n°21, n°18 was not trapped by the pit open and was able to benefit from a pit stop at the right moment, which allowed them to win a lot of places and finished P6 of the first race. Encouraged by their good result of the previous race, the Mülhner n°18 achieved a very good second race by gradually climbing up in the classification and finishing P13.


Started P24, TS Corse gain some position during the first lap to be P10. however a contact two laps from the end forced them to give up. Fortunately for the driver, more fear than harm. Due to the crash in Race 1, TS Corse had to start last behind the GT. But with a lot of desire and a good strategy, they were able to win places and finish P26 in the general and P24 in LMP3 class.


Like DKR n°1, a contact at the end of the first race forced them to DNF while their race pace was good. During the second qualifying, WTM did a very good job by setting the fourth timing of the session. Frustrated with the DNF during Race 1, WTM finished P7.


Started in the background of the grid, Grainmarket could not fight at the beginning of the race 1 because of safety car. Unfortunalty for them, a race incindent during the first part of the race forced them to DNF. Started P29, they managed to win few places during the race to finish P21. As the result is not the expected one, Grainmarket can still be satisfied with a constant race pace of the D08.


Left in pole position of the 1st race, DKR, just like Mülhner, trapped by the opening window of the pit lane and finished P19. This was not the expected result. Despite all, L.Hörr does the fastest lap of this race. They were, once again, unlucky. They started on the first row but a race incident caused their DNF.

The races follow each other and look alike for the DKR n°1. Unfortunalty for us, they trapped by a race incident during the first race of Road to Le Mans and they forced to DNF. Despite being well ranked at the start of the second race, DKR n°1 lost a lot of places following a contact. They crossed the finish line P28, last of the P3.


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