Alès Mechanical Pole

The Mechanical Pole of Alès offers rich infrastructures to enable innovative companies to develop, plus the fact that the city and the community of Agglomeration Alès Myriapolis are major supporters for the development of motor sports. It is therefore natural that DUQUEINE Engineering has chosen to install its headquarters and infrastructure in Ales.

The circuit has recently been refreshed and can be used in both directions (unique in Europe) with two different track configurations. The track is accessible very quickly for the group and this allows to efficiently organize rolling and development engineering.

The DUQUEINE projects

The DUQUEINE buildings

The team's workshop was the first building occupied by the group, it has several workstations ideally designed for sports mechanics, the space is shared for the accommodation of the various vehicles of the team but also the training center. Offices as well as the simulator and gym of the training center are associated.


In 2019, the group took over an additional 1,000 square meters in order to create a showroom, accommodate a commercial and administrative service under optimal conditions. It was also during this year that the DUQUEINE Automotive manufacturer activity was moved to the mechanical pole of Ales.

From 2020

All the DUQUEINE Automotive prototypes will be built in a new factory that will be built in the extension of the current building. The group's expansion plans are launched to build the future New Tech building.


This will allow DUQUEINE to be able to gather all its activities in an optimal infrastructure where each branch of the group will be interconnected with the others.