Date of publication : December 09, 2019

NORMA M30 LMP3 JV Sport Racing


Janík Motorsport

Technical specifications



135 000 € ex VAT


21 000 km


Chassis: carbon monocoque LMP3 (factory from Norma Auto Concept)

Gearbox: Xtrac, 6-speed sequential

Suspension: double wishbone ‚Öhlins TTX

Brakes: AP Racing

Engine: Nissan VK50VE, 5000 ccm, V8

-          LMP3 specification

-          power 420 PS

-          torque 550 Nm

-          reliable engine

Engine managment: Magnetti Marelli  

Telemetry: AIM telemetry with AIM Camera

Year: 2017

Lot of spare parts.

Engine have 21000 km (1500 km after rebuild in Oreca with all upgrades to 2019).

Gearbox have 11000 km (2100 km after rebuild in Xtrac).

Heated windscreen, AIM Camera

Chassis #10

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Vaclav Janik

JV Sport Racing Team s.r.o.

+420 777 833 101

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